Sword options

To know the perfect length of your sword, you shall stand with your sword and dagger drawn, as you see this picture, keeping out straight your dagger arm, drawing back your sword as far as conveniently you can, not opening the elbow joing of your sword arm; and look what you can draw within your dagger, that is the just length of your sword, to be made according to your owne stature.” – George Silver, Paradoxes of Defense


Silver is talking about an ideal sword length that maximizes reach while still being useful in close-combat situations in which you might be in contact with your enemy’s limbs or trunk. A sword that is too short will put you at risk because you will need to move closer to your enemy to strike, while a sword that is too long will limit your options should distance close.

As an example, here are three pictures of coach Eric with swords. The first picture (the Arms and Armor fechterspiel) is a little long for Eric’s reach, while the latter two (a Castille Armory backsword, abnd a Gus Trim i-beam longsword) are the ideal length.

arms-fecht castille-backsword i-beam

Some sword recommendations

Here are a few examples of swords from trusted manufacturers that would be good choices for what we do. Before ordering a sword for yourself, do some measuring! get a mop handle or something and determine what the ideal length for you is. Create a pose similar to the above photos and original illustration, and figure out the length from your dominant hand (held back behind your body) and your outstretched subordinate hand (extended in front).

Regenyei standard longsword

http://www.regenyei.com/en_longsword_order.php 91cm/36” blade (type B on the above website) Any cross/grip/pommel options that fit your fancy. I like the disc pommels because they make it easier to align for cutting. 300€

SIGI shorty (have not handled personally, but great press for this forge)

https://www.facebook.com/SIGIforge/posts/502244310584336 Overall length: 49” Blade length: 38” 230€

VG techniques feder

https://www.woodenswords.com/Steel_Techniques_Feder_with_Disc_Pommel_p/feder.tech.disc.htm Overall Length: 47.25” Blade Length: 35.5” The club has two of these. They are generally great for basic technical drill. We have not tested them in full-speed sparring and don’t intend to. Great value. More info here: https://www.juniperswordplay.com/steel-techniques-feder $199