Steel techniques feder

As part of my club-bootstrapping activities, I have started to acquire some gear. I bought two of the steel techniques feders from my friends at Purpleheart Armory.

These are solid training swords. They have more blade presence than my other simulators, but not problematically. See also Edelson’s review on the same page above.

They don’t really seem like feders to me. A feder often seems overlong for the type of mid-range and close-in play that we Fioreists love. This training sword is perfectly sized for stretto.

The disc pommel is massive and would be great at breaking teeth. They have consistent distal tapers and rolled tips. The price is incredible. Finally, the little stamped dude on the blade looks awesome. Christian says his initials are in the logo.

There is an issue with consistency, however; just something to be aware of. The balance points are different on the two blades that Purpleheart sent. One is at around 5/8”, while the other is a full inch further out the blade, at around 1-5/8”. The latter seems to feel more consistent with the other two simulators I own (a Gus Trim skinny i-beam and an Arms and Armor fechterspiel). See comparative photos at the end. The fullers appear to be hand-ground so I wonder if they just took more material out on the darker-handled blade.

I have not tried them yet with blade to blade contact, but that is not really my intent for these. I intend to have folks use these to learn how to cut, and for forms work. I will ask them to purchase their own when they start wanting to do partner work.

Different POBs! Hmmm….

Comparison of two simulators I know and love: