End of year practice - 17 Dec 2019

We haven’t posted updates for a long time, but we are still working out in Bend, Oregon. Eric returned from a work trip to Brighton having connected with Chris Chatfield and his 1595 crew. Eric described the experience as “challenging, mind-expanding and super fun” and reported that Chris and his club were very welcoming.

We are still working on 19th century cutlass drills for the mid- to short-range mechanics, and 16th century backsword concepts for longer range. We are effectively merging drill systems from 1595 and Stoccato and finding they work well together, and make sense through the lens of Latosa Escrima concepts. So all is well with the technical curriculum.

Sean and Eric are pleased to welcome Andrew, Lillian, and Matthew to our group this year.

We’re excited to welcome Derek Steel-Baron of 1595 and Lonin on January 18th for a club workshop; more on that later!

For tonight’s practice (all five of us in attendance):

Went out for drinks and peruvian food afterwards. Happy holidays all!