Backsword construction

My friends at Lonin’s BWAHAHAHA group helped out our club by supplying two Gus Trim i-beam blades and a pair of substantially pre-built baskethilt kits. My process, depicted below in pictures, was to assemble the baskets, design and build a hardened leather cover for the basket, and create a suitable handle and final assembly.

This is the process for the first one; I expect the second one to be slightly more presentable-looking. The hardened leather turned out very well, though I have yet to test it against significant impacts.

Contact me if questions about any of this.

backsword033 backsword032 backsword031 backsword030 backsword029 backsword028 backsword027 backsword026 backsword025 backsword024 backsword023 backsword022 backsword021 backsword020 backsword017 backsword018 backsword019 backsword016 backsword015 backsword014 backsword013 backsword012 backsword011 backsword010 backsword009 backsword008 backsword007-1 backsword006 backsword005 backsword004-1 backsword003-1 backsword002-1 backsword001-1